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When it comes to designing and maintaining bathrooms, the one variable a homeowner must always consider is water.  Whether the question is concerning style, reliability or sanitation, the one surface trusted in bathrooms and showers most is tile. The durability and versatility of a tile floor provides you with the full use of your bathroom without the fears or worries of hidden water damage.

Tile floors come in a variety of styles and colors and are available in different materials such as ceramic, stone or porcelain.  However, few things can become as time consuming and frustrating as bathroom tile installation.  Our team of professionals at Victor Faustino Handyman Services can assist you with this demanding task. 

Call (301) 343-4090 and get your bathroom tile project underway today.

Bathroom Tile Installation

Installing tile throughout your bathroom can become an overwhelming task when you stop to consider what is involved— not only are you delicately placing tiles in regards to design, but you must place them in an appropriate way so as to protect your floors from water damage. Tiles muse be properly sized, cut, spaced, and grouted. This requires a great deal of work, skill, and time. Cutting corners can leave you with an expensive mess.

If you have your bathroom floor tiles and you’re planning on tackling this home improvement project alone, think twice about this decision.  Call Victor Faustino Handyman Services and our team of bathroom and shower tile installers will ensure your project is a success.

Bathroom Tile Repair

Nothing ruins the sight of a tile floor more than that of an unsightly crack.  And when it comes to damaged bathroom shower tiles, you must act fast to avoid water leaks to subfloors or lower level spaces.  Fixing a problem tile or tiles also requires careful attention because you run the risk of damaging the surrounding tiles in the process.

Instead of creating more work for yourself, call Victor Faustino’s team of handyman professionals, and they will help you to quickly and successfully return your bathroom or shower floor to its original state.

Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Choosing to install ceramic floor tiles for your bathroom allow you a wide range of color, shapes, and sizes to choose from.  This material is used when sanitation is a focus because the tiles are easy to clean and maintain.  Ceramic is also a durable material, resistant to chemicals and highly water resistant, so long as it is installed correctly and grouted.

Porcelain Bathroom Tile

While similar to ceramic in versatility and appearance, porcelain tiles contain less clay, creating a higher durability and defense against chips and scratches.  This material is also more resistant to moisture.  For these reasons, porcelain is higher in price than ceramic but may offer a safer option when installing shower tile in your bathroom.

Stone Bathroom Tile

For a more unique and timeless look, stone can transform the appearance of any bathroom with its intriguing addition to décor.  Stone tiles are more expensive to install but are highly durable and water resistant.  Unlike ceramic and porcelain, no two stone tiles are the same; however this poses myriad design options, which aren’t available with the former choices.

Get A Bathroom Tile Estimate

Whichever bathroom floor tile option you choose, remember Victor Faustino’s Handyman Services is here, ready to assist you in your home improvement project.  Call us today at (301) 343-4090 and our team of professionals will assist you in completing your bathroom or shower at an affordable price.

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