Ceiling Fan Installation in Maryland, Washington, DC, & Virginia

Ceiling fans can be both functional and add style to a room, with so many choices, including different heights, fan blade widths, and styles it is easy to find one to fit your homes style. Even with today’s modern heating and cooling systems, ceiling fans still play an important role in homes around the country today—providing immediate temperature relief at an affordable price.

Although ceiling fan installation may seem like a simple DIY task, it can be difficult—especially if you are trying to complete it alone. Trying to hold a fan in place while wiring it in place—then attaching it to the ceiling plate, is extremely difficult if you are only working with your own two hands.

At Victor Faustino, we offer quality, affordable ceiling fan installation throughout the Washington, DC metro area. Simply find a ceiling fan that you like and give us a call—we can be out to your house for installation soon after to complete the installation.

Whether you are looking for installation for a simple wired ceiling fan a more modern wireless model, we can help!

Here are some things to consider when it comes to ceiling fan installation.

Advantage of Ceiling Fan Installation

There are many advantages to installing ceiling fans in your home. One major advantage is that you can save money on your energy bills. By moving the air around in a room, you can have a room feel more comfortable, this allows you to turn your thermostat up a few degrees in the Summer without sacrificing comfort.

Summer is not the only time you can take advantage of ceiling fans in your home. In winter you can flip the switch on your ceiling fan to reverse the movement. This can help push the warm air that tends to rise up into your ceiling, back down into the room.  This can help make a room feel warmer on those cold fall and winter days.

Aesthetics and lighting are another consideration when it comes to the advantages of ceiling fans. The right ceiling fan can be a great decor addition to a room. In fact if you have very high ceilings bringing in a ceiling fan with wide blades that hangs lower, can help make a room feel cozier. With so many styles on the market you could choose a fan and then plan a room around it, and you will end up with a beautiful space in your home.

If you need more lighting in a space, you can choose a ceiling fan that provides this, whilst some ceiling fans offer one light that offers low lighting, others have three or more lights and can quickly brighten up a space.

Overall ceiling fans are one of the most cost effective cooling and heating tools you can have in your home. The rotation of the air alone can make you feel more comfortable year round.

Why Hire a Professional for your Ceiling Fan Installation?

If you are looking to install one or more ceiling fans in your home you may want to consider hiring a handyman to do the job. There are a few reasons you may want to consider this.

  • Wiring - When you install a ceiling fan it is important to get the wiring right, wiring a fan incorrectly may cause problems such as the switch and fan not connecting properly. When you install a ceiling fan you may also need to install a new electrical switch, hiring a handyman who has experience installing ceilings fans means that the job can be completed without major complications.
  • Time and Heights - Ceiling fans are mounted on the roof, this means a lot of time needs to be spent on a ladder, during installation. If you have trouble with heights, or you think standing on a ladder holding blades above your head does not sound like your idea of a fun time, you can have someone else take care of the hard work for you.
  • Tools - There are often special tools needed when installing ceiling fans, instead of spending money on tools you may never need again, you can spend the money on hiring a handyman to complete the job.

Schedule Ceiling Fan Installation in Maryland Today!

If you are looking for ceiling fan installation in the Maryland area, contact us today at Victor Faustino. We can help you with all of your handyman and home remodeling needs.

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