Garage Floor Finishing in Maryland, Washington, DC, & Northern Virginia

The average residential garage is a multi-tasking master. Homeowners tend to require multiple functions from their garages-a place to work on the car, store caustic chemicals, landscaping equipment, bikes and seasonal sports gear, and even a place to park your vehicle. Whatever your needs, your garage can take a beating in just a few years’ time, and it will show.

Stains, pitting, cracks and crumbling are all signs of garage abuse. Most homeowners allow damages, such as these, to go without repair until it’s too late and nothing will do but a whole new garage floor. A worn-out, uneven, cracked and stained garage floor will eventually need to be replaced, at substantial cost to the homeowner and making a real mess for you and your family, as the old slab is busted up and removed, then replaced by new concrete.

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Protecting Your Garage Floor With Garage Floor Coatings

When you have your garage floor finished, with a protective coating to prevent damage and slip and fall injuries, you prolong the life of your slab, as well as add value to your home. Aesthetically pleasing, garage floor finishing provides protection from damaging elements such as caustic household and heavy-duty chemicals, road salt, pooling water, and oil and grease. What’s more, today’s garage floor finishing products are stain resistant, so your garage will always appear neat and clean.

An epoxy garage floor finishing product, professionally applied by the experts at Victor Faustino, is the best way to protect your cement slab. A garage floor finishing product will add years to your floor’s life, and provide a bit of panache and comfort to the most abused area of your home. As your product is texturized, you get added protection from slip and fall injuries, which are dangerous and can potentially pose a liability threat.

Don’t Risk Damage Through DIY

There are many garage floor finishing products on the market, but applying the finish yourself can be tricky if you’ve never attempted it before. The opportunity for error is too great a risk to take and should your garage floor not be properly cleaned prior to application, your DIY project could turn into a disaster. Even miniscule debris can become trapped and render your work useless, putting your slab at risk for damage.

The best way to protect your garage floor today and for years to come is by contacting the professionals at Victor Faustino. Victor Faustino has been in the business of servicing homeowners in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area for 25 years. We provide many time and budget friendly services such as garage floor finishing, kitchen and bath remodeling, electrical, and plumbing work, painting and drywall, and all manner of residential maintenance.

Our Garage Floor Finishing Process

The professional garage floor contractors at Victor Faustino Handyman Services will thoroughly clean and repair your slab prior to applying the finish. This cleaning removes all dirt, dust and debris so your coating will go on smooth, with no cracks or breaks. Furthermore, we respect your needs as a homeowner and strive to complete the job on time and within your budget. Our primary goal is your satisfaction and we won’t consider our job complete until you’re happy with our work.

Get a Garage Floor Coating Estimate in MD, DC, or VA

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For more than 25 years, our company has been helping Washington, DC area homeowners beautify the exterior of their homes. Call us today and let a newly finished floor transform the look of your garage. Why wait?

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