Electrical Outlet Installation in Maryland, Washington, DC, & Virginia

Whether your old electrical outlets are looking aged and loose, or you are installing brand new outlets, having help can make the job easier. You may be renovating your house, or you may be looking for simple upgrades that can improve the look and feel of your home. Renovations and upgrades can be time consuming and to have help for those smaller simple electrical jobs, can help you free up time to get other things done.

At Victor Faustino, we have years of experience providing basic electrical services as a part of our handyman division—including electrical outlet installation. Our handymen have years of experience working on a variety of home improvement projects—ensuring your project will not only be completed quickly, but also correctly.

We keep our overhead low to help provide you with affordable services—but we always maintain the highest possible quality standards to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

If you are looking for affordable outlet installation in Maryland or the surrounding Washington, DC area, contact us today. Call us at 301-343-4090 or fill out a contact form to learn more or schedule outlet installation at your home.

Installing New Electrical Outlets

When it comes to installing new outlets or repairing old ones there are quite a few things to consider. You need to have a basic working knowledge of color coding and wiring, as connecting the wrong wires can lead to electrical problems throughout your whole home.

The right size outlet can also make a big difference, there are two sizes you can install, and which size is right will depend on your homes current wiring.  You may also have to deal with the cutting or tidying of walls and having the right tools is important, unless you want big gaping holes throughout your whole home, which can also be dangerous.

A simple solution to having new electrical outlets installed is to hire a handyman to do the job for you. The right handyman should have some basic electrical skills and has preferably done similar installations before. Hiring someone with experience to complete your project for you will result in new outlets that not only look great, but work correctly.

Don’t risk your—or your home’s—safety by attempting to install electrical outlets yourselves—let the experienced professionals at Victor Faustino handle it for you.

Why Hire Victor Faustino to Help with Your Outlet Installation?

When it comes to installing outlets, ceiling fans, lighting, and any other type of basic electrical work, you want to make sure the job is completed correctly the first time. To have somebody work on these things without any skill can cause damage to your homes wiring and may even result in electrical fires. It can also be very time consuming. When you hire a handyman or renovation specialist from Victor Faustino, you are hiring a professional that has experience in a wide variety of home projects.

Our professionals come to your home and work on those little fixes, so that you can spend time doing the things you love. From basic electrical work like outlet installations, to kitchen and bath renovations, our handyman are reliable, efficient, and cost effective.

Schedule Electrical Outlet Installation in Maryland Today!

If you are looking for outlet installation in the Maryland area, contact us today at Victor Faustino. We can help you with all of your handyman and home remodeling needs.

Contact us today to request an estimate or learn more about our electrical outlet installation services in Maryland. Call 301-343-4090 or fill out a contact form to get started!

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