Power Washing Services in Maryland, Washington, DC, & Northern Virginia

Power washing your house, driveway and deck or patio, is a great way to “wake up” your home after a long winter. Ice, snow, and salt residue can take a toll on your driveway and your deck. The siding on your home may develop a mildewed appearance. Once the sun begins to shine and warmer weather takes hold, the worn and dirty appearance of your home and property becomes much more noticeable. Power washing is a fast and cost-effective way to brighten your homes appearance and erase some of the toll left behind after a harsh winter or spring.

Maintaining your home’s appearance does much more than raise the value and contributes to the aesthetic quality of your property. Power washing eliminates many of the hazardous and harmful elements that can threaten your home and deck structure, cause pitting and cracks in your driveway, and costing you in repairs, if left untouched, over time.

Victor Faustino specializes in power washing houses, driveways and decks. Our company is locally owned and has been servicing homeowners in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, for nearly 25 years. Our power washing contractors know the best way to treat your home’s exterior in order to prevent chalking, oxidizing, and discoloration.

Driveway Power Washing in MD, DC, VA

Over time, your driveway can fall victim to the seasonal conditions of the area. Autumn can cause leaves to build up, trapping water in the corners of your concrete driveway and break down the surface, leaving your concrete vulnerable to cracks and pitting. Winter’s icy conditions require our roads to be salted. The salt is carried from the roads, to your vehicle, and on to your driveway, bringing with it the possibility for erosion and caustic build-up. Power washing your driveway erases these threats and more, adding years to the life of your driveway and value to your home.

House Siding Power Washing in MD, DC, VA

Just as the elements—natural and man-made—can threaten the life of your driveway, so too, can they pose a hazard to your house siding. Whether you have vinyl, wood, or composite siding, stucco, brick or stone fa├žade, your house siding can become dingy, dirty, and worn-looking after a harsh winter, or spring. As mildew builds, you can be sure moisture is present, creating the ideal situation for rot and damage to your home. Victor Faustino can prevent rot and make your home’s exterior look new again through power washing.

Outdoor Living Space Power Washing in MD, DC, VA

If you’re like most people in the Gaithersburg area, you may winterize your outdoor deck or patio, but odds are, when the mercury begins to plummet, activity moves indoors, leaving your outdoor living area exposed to the elements. The same hazards which plague your house siding and driveway also present a risk to your deck or patio. Power washing removes the dirt and debris built up over a long winter season, and cleans off the mildew and mold, particularly evident on wood decks.

Mold and mildew are common appearances on house siding and a buildup of debris on driveways and decks must be removed in order to prevent wood rot and concrete damage. Preventative maintenance is key in keeping your overall costs down, and power washing makes your home sparkle.

Get a Power Washing Estimate in MD, DC, or VA

Victor Faustino provides professional power washing services throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. You can trust the power washing contractors at Victor Faustino to thoroughly clean your house, deck and driveway, preventing build-up of dirt and mildew, and removing hazards from your property. Contact the power washing experts at Victor Faustino today and make your house, deck and driveway look like new.

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