Shower Installation in Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia

A new shower can transform your dated bathroom. Imagine a new stone and glass enclosure with a frameless glass door beckoning you inside. Or, perhaps your bath lends itself more to a traditional shower, with a cleanly and simply framed door and a tile interior. Installing a new shower in your bath removes decades of old grout and mildew while updating the look of the whole room. Such a project doesn't have to be expensive. A new shower is just a fraction of the cost of remodeling your entire bathroom.

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Types of Showers Installed

There are a number of styles of shower doors on the market today. The type you choose depends on the size of your bathroom and your design tastes. The different types of shower doors include:

  • Heavy glass frameless shower doors – A heavy glass frameless shower hangs by specially-designed brackets, rather than a traditional frame. Such showers can use clear or opaque glass and can be fully enclosed or have just a half partition to shelter the shower head and keep water from getting into the room.
  • Curved glass shower doors – Curved glass showers, as the name implies, feature curved glass. These can be small corner showers, such as you'd find on a cruise ship, or large two-person enclosures. Again, the glass can be clear or opaque. The only common element is the curved glass along at least one side.
  • Semi-frameless shower doors – Semi-frameless showers offer the similar, luxurious feel as frameless showers, but they include a frame at the top and the bottom of the glass. The seam between the door(s) and between the door(s) and the stationary glass remains frameless.
  • Framed shower doors – A framed shower is a traditional shower enclosure with the glass framed in brass, steel, or aluminum. However, traditional doesn't have to mean boring. Framed showers have an elegant, sturdy appearance and adapt to most any design scheme.

Shower Door Installation

Sometimes all you need to revitalize the look of your bathroom is a new shower door, not the entire shower. If the interior of your shower and the tile are in good shape, a new door can get rid of that clouded, mildewed look and make your bathroom look new again.

A shower door replacement is a great inexpensive way to breathe new life back into your bathroom if a full bathroom remodeling project is out of your budget.

Why Choose Victor Faustino for Shower & Shower Door Installation?

Victor Faustino Handyman Service has been helping Maryland homeowners with their home remodeling and repair projects since 1990. Each of our skilled repair and renovation contractors has at least 10 years of experience in home repairs and remodeling, so you know that you'll get a quality result each and every time. To learn more about having a shower installed in your home, call us at 301-343-4090.

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