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The right bathroom vanity combines both style and function. It's often the only piece of furniture in the room and helps set the overall design. In addition, a vanity houses the sink; helps hide the sink plumbing, while still providing access for plumbers; and offers storage for towels, cosmetics, toiletries, and the myriad of other things that accumulate in the average bathroom.

If you want to give your bathroom a new look at an inexpensive price, contact Victor Faustino today for a no-obligation vanity installation estimate. Whether you have a vanity you simply need installed or you are looking for ideas, we can help.

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Popular Bathroom Vanity Choices

Not every bathroom vanity looks alike. In fact, they can be as individual as the homeowner. There are double vanities, antique vanities, contemporary vanities, and wooden ones. The type you choose for your bath depends on your family size, your budget, and your design taste.

If you're looking to remodel your bath but are short on funds, just changing the vanity can totally transform the look of your bath. Below are a few types of vanities to consider:

  • Wood Bathroom Vanities – Wooden bathroom vanities can be custom made for your particular space or purchased in one piece. Wood vanities can also be created from chests of drawers and other non-vanity pieces. This type of bathroom vanity adapts to most any design scheme, from traditional to contemporary.
  • Contemporary Bathroom Vanities – Contemporary bathroom vanities can be made of wood or metal. Many designs are raised off of the ground and anchored on the wall. Some contemporary bathroom vanities have open shelves; others have traditional doors and drawers. Contemporary vanities have sharp, angular lines and tend to be less ornate—minimalism thrives in modern spaces!
  • Antique Bathroom Vanities – Antique bathroom vanities can be made of actual antique cabinets or chests of drawers or more modern pieces designed to look like antiques. Common features of antique bathroom vanities include cabriole legs, decorative trim and moldings, vintage hardware, and curved lines.
  • Double Vanities  Double vanities are designed for two sinks and are a definite plus when two people share one bathroom. If fact, some couples include having a double vanity on their list of must-haves when house hunting. Double vanities can be modern or antique, wood or metal. Of course, double vanities also have the advantage of having double the storage space. Who wouldn't want that?

Why Choose Victor Faustino For Vanity Installation?

Victor Faustino can help you install or create a bathroom vanity that's just right for you at an affordable price. We've been helping area homeowners spruce up their homes for more than 20 years, and each of our renovation contractors has at least 10 years of experience in the remodeling business. Call us today at 301-343-4090 to see how we can work together to transform your bathroom and make it look new again.

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