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Victor Faustino

Local Painting Contractors Alexandria, VA

You just found the best of all the local painting contractors and painters who offer house, residential and exterior painting services in and around Alexandria, VA.

Victor Faustino offers the most cost-effective and most high-quality painting service in Virginia and Maryland. Whether you have a color or paint scheme you want to be implemented, or you want to grant us more control in terms of deciding how your house exterior will look, no one does residential painting better than us. If you want the most bang for your buck when you hire your next local painting contractor, as long as you’re located in and around Alexandria, VA, Victor Faustino will be more than willing and ready to handle the job for you.

Check out some of the areas where you can find hundreds of our happy and satisfied clients:

  • Alexandria
  • Potomac
  • Chevy Chase
  • Damascus
  • Aspen Hill
  • Germantown
  • Laytonsville
  • Montgomery Village
  • North Bethesda
  • North Potomac
  • Olney
  • Bethesda
  • Gaithersburg

No other local painting contractor can guarantee 100% satisfaction like Victor Faustino. Our mission statement, “If it’s wrong we will fix it, if it’s right we will explain it, and if it’s in the gray area we will talk about it” is a daily commitment we make to each and every customer that walks into our office to hire our services. Aside from that, we make sure that our core values of honesty, hard work, integrity, and compassion are reflected with every painting project we complete. No other company embodies the principle, “Quality over quantity” more than Victor Faustino. And that’s what makes us one of the top local painting contractors in and around Alexandria, VA.

Victor Faustino

House Painters Near Me

When getting your house painted, you need painters and contractors who are totally committed to quality. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a house painting job full of paint blots, paint splatter, paint overlaps and a whole lot of ugly spots. You wouldn’t want that. And we wouldn’t want that either. That’s why here at Victor Faustino, we only employ house painters who have a total commitment to quality workmanship. As a local painting contractor, we only work with house painters who value their work and whose love for what they do shows in the high-quality output they produce. In short, our house painters treat your house, and every house the paint for that matter, as their own.

So no need to wonder, “are there quality house painters near me?” As long as you’re located in and around Alexandria, VA, Victor Faustino has you covered.

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Victor Faustino

Exterior Painters Near Me

The exterior paint of your house needs to be treated differently than the interior painting. Exterior paint needs to be stronger and more durable. It should be able to withstand changes in the weather and exposure to the elements. Even the paint mixture is different as the proportions need to be able to produce a paint mixture that’s not only long-lasting but also retains its color well and does not fade easily. These are elements of exterior painting jobs that our exterior painters here at Victor Faustino are well aware of. As the best of any local painting contractors, we know the methods that get results.

So, the next time you need to have the exterior of your house painted in Alexandria, VA or cities near it, you don’t have to google “exterior painters near me.” Just call Victor Faustino and we’ll handle your exterior painting job for you.


Victor Faustino

Residential Painting Services

We understand your need to have your house painted in a manner that fits your taste and meets your standards. Our commitment to quality service actually starts with our understanding of what our client wants. If you want your house painted in a particular way, all you need to do is talk to us and we’ll make it happen. If you want to give us more control of the project, we also would have no problem with that. In fact, this customer-centric approach we have with our clients is something that lends to our outstanding track record regarding customer satisfaction.

So, if you’re ever in need of residential painting services, or you want to consult first with a local painting contractor, call Victor Faustino now and we’ll be more than glad to handle the job for you.

For information on drywalling, please see our Drywalling Contractors Damascus, VA page.

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Victor Faustino

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What Our Clients Say

  • Daniel Sharp1/31/2019

    Victor gave a fair same-day quote with recommendations and options. The drywall repair was of high quality and the deck... read more

    Teresa Huizar4/27/2019

    Great job painting the interior of my home! Excellent attention to detail. Would definitely use again.

    Lynn de Leon2/08/2019

    Victor & staff, excellent to work with, displayed professionalism, followed schedules as planned, took care of issues brought out by... read more

  • friday shuffle3/18/2019

    Victor was GREAT!!!! He did a wonderful job and I would hire him again for any new work projects.

We at Victor Faustino bring all our best talents and craftsman to provide the highest possible quality and design to every project. Quality comes before quantity. We give you our promise that is if it’s wrong we will fix it, if it’s right we will explain it, if it’s in the gray area we will talk about it.

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