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luxury bathroom renovation wheaton md
Victor Faustino

Luxury Bathroom Renovation Wheaton, MD

If you’re looking to get a luxury bathroom renovation, you know you need expert bathroom renovation contractors to help with the job. Perhaps you just want advice on luxury master bathroom designs. Or, maybe you’re looking for bathroom renovations near me in order to find help actually doing the renovation. If you’re in the Wheaton, MD area, then look no further than Victor Faustino. We use our skill and experience to help you create beautiful bathrooms that perfectly fit your needs. So, consider calling us today and get a free estimate on your luxury bathroom renovation.

Victor Faustino

Bathroom Renovations Near Me

When you’re looking for bathroom renovations near me, call Victor Faustino. Our bathroom renovation contractors are ready to help you achieve the luxury bathroom you’ve always wanted. Our luxury bathroom renovation services are available in:

  • Wheaton, MD
  • Aspen Hill MD
  • Rockville, MD
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Bethesda, MD
  • Potomac, MD
  • Fairfax, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Damascus, VA

When you’re planning to get a luxury bathroom renovation, you need experts you can trust. You need contractors who have designed countless bathrooms before, and so know how to design gorgeous luxury bathrooms. Your contractors also need to be willing to listen to you and treat you with respect. That’s why you should work with Victor Faustino when you’re looking for bathroom renovations near me. Call us today to receive a free estimate on your project.

bathroom renovations near me

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bathroom renovation contractors
Victor Faustino

Bathroom Renovation Contractors

If you want to add a little extra touch to your home, getting a luxury bathroom renovation may be the perfect option. It provides you with a nice space to relax after a long day and can be a beautiful finishing touch to your home. Plus, it can make a good impression on friends, family, and other guests.

Call Victor Faustino to help with your luxury bathroom renovation if you’re in the Wheaton, MD area. We emphasize quality in our work. That means that, when you work with us, you know your bathroom will be done exactly to your specifications. We work with honesty and integrity and are more than happy to discuss the project with you. Call us today to get a free estimate on your luxury bathroom renovation.

Victor Faustino

Luxury Master Bathroom Designs

A luxury remodel can be an amazing way to renovate an old bathroom. However, there are many different design options to chose from, and it can be tough to decide what you want to do for your home. Here are some ideas for luxury master bathroom designs to help get you started:

  • Emphasize Unique Features: If your bathroom has unique elements to it—such as an old-style tub or custom windows—one of the best ways to design a luxury bathroom would be to choose features that would emphasize those aspects.
  • Add a Double Sink: A small addition, but one that can really give a luxury feel. Plus, it can be a practical luxury bathroom renovation, too, as it offers more room.
  • Install Marble Flooring: Marble flooring naturally compliments a luxury design. Choose a light-colored marble to make the bathroom seem bigger and brighter.
  • Add Custom Cabinets: Most people think of kitchens, not bathrooms, when they think of custom cabinets. However, getting customized cabinets installed for storage can be the perfect way to give your bathroom a new look and feel.
  • Utilize Windows and Mirrors: If you want to emphasize space, then a well-placed mirror or large windows can help seem the bathroom seem bigger. Plus, large windows can let in extra light.

There are, of course, many other luxury master bathroom designs available. Speak with your bathroom renovation contractors to learn more. And call our experts at Victor Faustino today to get a free estimate on your luxury bathroom renovation.

luxury master bathroom designs
Victor Faustino

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We at Victor Faustino bring all our best talents and craftsman to provide the highest possible quality and design to every project. Quality comes before quantity. We give you our promise that is if it’s wrong we will fix it, if it’s right we will explain it, if it’s in the gray area we will talk about it.

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